One the key results of the NanoDESK project is to develop a virtual observatory on the safety of nanostructured plastic materials. This tool focuses on the promotion of the technical viability and safety of nanotechnology in the plastic sector, being available in June 2018.



The observatory  will be accessible in the project web site, giving access to information on nanomaterials applications, environmental health and safety issues, and regulatory aspects.  The observatory will be divided into 3 main parts, including:

  • General Information: this are will include news and general information on nanotechnology and nanostructured polymers.


  • Market Segments / application sectors: this area will give access to specific information of the sectors studies under the scope of the project, including: additives, packaging, 3D printing, automotive, infrastructure, aerospace, medical devices and well being. The sectorial part will give access to:


  • Relevant news in the sector / market segment
  • Technical articles and bibliographic references
  • Patents
  • Regulatory issues
  • Harmonized standards
  • Applications / uses
  • Information of cost and market trends 


  • Safety issues: this area will give access to current information on safety issues, including exposure in the workplace, environmental impact and exposure potential for consumers. Both technical and divulgative material will be available.  


  • Interactive area. an interactive are has been proposed as a communication channel of the actors in the plastic supply chain, as well as a portal to introduce information demands, technical information, regulation, and any other type of information to support the use of nanomaterials.


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