1. ¿That it is the Program SUDOE?

The Program of Territorial Cooperation of the Space European Southwest (SUDOE) supports the regional development through the cofinanciación of transnational projects by means of the FEDER (European Bottom of Regional Development).


Working jointly, these regional actors contribute to that the European Southwest scope the strategies of the European Union in matter of growth, employment and sustainable development.

2. Specific aim of the program

Reinforce the synergistic operation and in network of the I D i to transnational level in the sector of the plastic

3. Priority of the program

Promote the capacities of innovation for an intelligent and sustainable growth.

4. Thematic aim

Improve the investigation, the technological development and the innovation.

6. Scope of the project

The project focuses on the promotion of nanotechnology as an essential technology for the development of new high value-added plastic materials based on the use of nanomaterials. The project aims to address the current barriers to investment and nanotechnology by more than 6,500 companies, most of them SMEs, which make up the plastic sector, new tools to cover their technological and training needs, contributing to the improvement of their Competitiveness. The common challenge addressed by the project is the guarantee of technical feasibility and safety of the processes and products based on the use of NMs.

7. Basis of the project

The approach to addressing the defined challenges is based on the development of tools to support decision-making, including applications for the identification of NMs and their applications, based on data mining techniques, toxicology-based hazard characterization methods Computational tools and exposure assessment tools based on modeling.

This platform constitutes a relevant advance on the state of the art, being the only one able to generate robust information on the applications and risks of NMs of major relevance for the plastic sector.